Massachusetts nonprofit social media survey

October 29, 2008

Being very interested in how nonprofits are using social media ourselves, we’d like to pass along a survey whose results we look forward to seeing.


Talance is launching the Massachusetts Nonprofit Social Media Survey, whose objective is to gauge how Massachusetts nonprofits are using social media.

The results will help delineate where nonprofits fall in social media adoption rates, how that varies (for example by the size of the org), and what kind of benefits they’re receiving from their efforts. The findings will provide solid practical value for nonprofits that want to benchmark their own practices.

The survey will be open until Nov. 21, 2008.

Anyone can receive a free executive summary of the survey results when they become available this winter. Every organization that submits a completed survey will receive a complimentary copy of the full survey report, available in February.

2 Responses to “Massachusetts nonprofit social media survey”

  1. Thanks for mentioning our survey!

  2. The report is available! Check it out, and download a free preview at

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