Simone Joyaux, Donor Centric Fundraising (1/2)

September 25, 2007

Joyaux headshot Denise Moorehead and David Tames talk with Simone Joyaux, an internationally renowned fundraiser who is among the presenters at the Nonprofit Capacity Building Training Series. The series covers fundraising, leadership development, strategic communications, program development, financial literacy and more.

Listen to the interview (12:24):

or Download (12:24, MP3, 11.4MB)

Or read the transcript at

Onward to Part II


2 Responses to “Simone Joyaux, Donor Centric Fundraising (1/2)”

  1. […] December 4, 2007 Denise Moorehead and David Tames continue their conversation with Simone Joyaux which started in Episode 2. […]

  2. paul kibet Says:

    dear sir/madam,
    Recieve greedings for the yr 2009.
    Iam also glad if you could invide one our staff to attent the above workshop on 12/2/2009
    we are a group willing to assist poor fammers in cabasity building.

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