Lyn Freundlich, Supervision

September 19, 2007

Lyn Freundlich, TSNE's Director of Human Resources Denise Moorehead talks with Lyn Freundlich, Director of Administration and Human Resources for Third Sector New England, about supervision, what makes a good supervisor, what are the things supervisors can do to help employees be more effective, and how we can bring supervision into the life of the organization.

Lyn Freundlich and Joanne Horgan will present a workshop on “Effective Supervision” as part of the Nonprofit Capacity Building Training Series, in Boston on Thursday, November 5, 2009 (repeated again on Tuesday, November 17).

Listen to the interview (9:24):

or Download (9:24, MP3, 4.3MB)

Or read the transcript at

One Response to “Lyn Freundlich, Supervision”

  1. Anne Gillespie Says:

    I very much enjoyed Ms. Freundlich’s guidance and perspective on effective supervision in non-profit organizations. Her approach creates a much-needed model for respectful supervisory dialogue and relationships in our professions. In addition, Ms. Frenudlich is extremely articulate about this important and complex area of organizational behavior.

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